Serving During Covid-19

The building is closed, but the church is OPEN. God has moved us into the neighborhood beyond our usual "place" and "programs” and allowed us to serve others at this moment with distinction and excellence. Viruses spread quickly, but KINDNESS is contagious too. Let's spread a little Joy, Hope, and see what Love can do.


It’s important to stay in step with the Spirit as you find ways to serve. Below are some suggestions that may help you stay in step as you find ways to love your neighbor. We would love to hear your ideas, email us.  

  • Prayer, Bible, and New TECHNOLOGY

    1. Prayer walks through your neighborhood. 
    2. Listen to Scripture on your smartphone. Dwell is a Bible audio app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart. Download the Dwell App for a 60-day free trial. Signup here.
    3. Read and study the Bible together using YouVersion Bible App.  Signup here.
    4. Learn how to do a Zoom meeting so you can host a Zoom prayer meeting or catch up with friends- Create a Zoom account and start learning how to be together virtually. 
  • Serving Others

    1. Weekly video call with your Life Group. Use this as a opportunity to find out what needs they have. 
    2. Call a local nursing home/assisted living facility and offer to become a "penpal" to a resident who may feel extra alone during this time.
    3. Organize a blood drive to help with the shortage” yes, it is an essential activity. To schedule a Blood donation:
    4. If you are not high-risk, offer to buy groceries for an at-risk neighbor or friend and then leave it on their porch. You may want to post a sign in your yard providing this service - or perhaps put an announcement on your social media. 
    5. Reach out to your neighborhood school and ask if they need help.
    6. Call Faith Harvest Helpers (360) 791-4294 to find out what food items they may need, and then arrange to drop off those items during their operating hours at True Grace.
    7. Reach out to any health-care workers you know, and ask them what they need. You may be able to offer childcare, meals, or suggest to run essential errands.
    8. Reach out to anyone you know who is quarantined alone. Let them know you are thinking about and praying for them.
  • For Fun

    1. A fun idea if you have Netflix and the Chrome browser, you can host a "Netflix Party" - it gives you the ability to play and pause movies simultaneously with your friends. Find out how.

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