The faithful support of missions at True Grace continues to make a lasting impact on the world. We support 27 full-time missionaries or organizations in 16 countries. 

In addition to ongoing support of our regular roster of missionaries,True Grace sponsors short-term mission teams throughout the year. 

Jonathan & Vanessa Capone ( The Philippines )    

Justin & Angela Secrist (YWAM Spain)

Dave & Carol Ellis (Argentina)

Jeff & Pam Gregory (Asia Pacific)

Craig & Dana Mathison (Eastern Europe)

Bill & Marie Hennessy (Project 100Million)

Jamie & Berly Bello (Dominican Republic)

Tony & Trish Salisbury (Japan)

Harvey & Sally Herman (Chi Alpha)

Brady Bobbink (Chi Alpha, WWU)

Faith Harvest Helpers (Lacey, WA)

Ron & Debbie Galbreath (Japan)

Nate & Tammy Lashway (Madagascar)

Mark & Kristy Schaufler (MST Ministries, Olympia)

Alan & Lynette Johnson (Thailand)

Michael & Dawn Marie Helin (Spain)

Bill & Sonja Shaw (Chad)

King’s Garden Children’s Home (Philippines)

Jeff & Heather Springer (Chi Alpha)

John & Beth Wilson (Russia)

Greg & Kim Roane (India)

Michael & Denise Mills (Uruguay)