Men of true Grace Church

MISSION STATEMENT: To create opportunities for men to build authentic relationships with other men and experience God moments.     


1. Have four big men's events each year.

  • Plan and coordinate quarterly events that will appeal to a majority of the men.
  • Man Camp in September. 

2. Provide for men only groups and help facilitate other gatherings for men.

  • Have several for men only groups available and well-advertised.
  • Create a contact list for the Men of True Grace.
  • Create an environment where it is easier for men to get together and coordinate small events with each other.

3. Provide opportunities to serve.

  • Communicate ministry opportunities on the Men's Ministry Facebook page and through emails. 
  • Coordinate with True Grace Serves and have "service project days" at least twice a year. 


December 2, 2018

Men's Tailgate Party/Seahawks vs 49rs

4:30 PM - until end of game

All you can eat Taco/Nacho/Hot-Dog bar

Powerful "My Story" shared at half-time

$10 Per person

March 2, 2019

Men of True Grace-Breakfast with a Missionary

Time and event details coming soon. 

$5 Per person

June 21, 2019 

Men of True Grace-Pig Roast  

Event time and location coming soon.

Roast whole pig and all of the sides, also a guest speaker.

$15 Per person

2019 Men of True Grace-Man Camp 

Dates and event details to be determined

"The kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it."   Matthew 11:12 NLT

Men being authentic without apology.

Our Values

  • Developing friendships with other men
  • Providing opportunities for men to meet other Godly men
  • Providing opportunities to meet with God
  • Allowing men to be themselves in any environment
  • Providing “for men only” groups to help men grow spiritually

Paul Gibson, Men's Ministry Leader